Enrollment procedure

Exam policy in consultation with our partners, the Goethe-Institut is as follows:

We will accommodate ALL candidates who desire to take their exam. This means, the candidates DO NOT have to come earlier to get a token. At 8:00 am, we will start enrolling the candidates, so please keep your documents ready. Registration will close at 1 pm.

Please note that enrollment is free of cost. Once you are registered, the exam fee becomes non-refundable. If an exam has not been taken for reasons of medical illness, the exam fee will be credited for the next exam date. A processing fee of 10% will be deducted, the candidate has to produce a medical certificate by Government hospital.

Please attach one copy of your CNIC, passport and two passport-sized pictures and bring along your original CNIC & passport. Without these documents you will not be enrolled in our exam.

All exam candidates have to appear in person for her/his exam registration starting from February 2019. No agent or any other person will be allowed to enroll candidates on their behalf.

You also have to appear in person at the time of certificate collection. Please bring your original valid passport. the candidate has to show his/ her face to the examiner.

Please note that the exam fee for internal students is applicable on the first attempt only. After the first attempt, you will be considered as an external student and other fee conditions apply.

Once you are inside, please follow these easy steps:

  1. At 8 am you will be let in and handed a registration form (free of cost), which you immediately fill out. Fill out the form with a black or a blue pen.
  2. Kindly attach the required copies of your CNIC, passport and two latest passport-sized pictures with the form.
  3. Have your registration fee ready.
  4. Have your original required documents ready.
  5. Wait for your turn. The registration officer will call the candidates one by one according to your turn for fee & form submission.
  6. Submit your form and fee to the registration officer and in return collect your exam enrollment slip.

Ms. Noor Ul Ain
Language Coordinator
Tel: + 92 42 35762257,35761257, 35762241