“Lighting” – A dance performance by Anna Konjetzky & her dancers

Choreography by Anna Konjetzky
Music by Sergej Maingardt
Light design by Barbara Westernach
Dancers: Viviana Defazio, Sahra Huby, Michele Meloni, Quindell Orton with five dancers from Karachi

 “Lighting”, the igniting, torching, kindling, is the title of Anna Konjetzky’s  dance piece in which the choreographer fixates the audience’s gaze on the bodies of the nine dancers on a bare stage.

Nine dancers who form a flurrying, pulsating mass in which the pressure seemingly increases constantly. Inspired by the numerous pictures of protest movements round the globe, “Lighting” simply investigates that spark, that moment of collapse, of discharge.

Konjetzky’s dance piece thus gets progressively intense and dense; the mass subtly builds more and more power, energy and pressure. A diffuse, uncontrollable process is set in motion and climaxes in the head of the spectators.

“The title “Lighting” is for me double-faced because the object and the subject partake in an active process. If I set something on fire, the action does not stay under my control but creates a ‘burning’ object that continues on its own, independent from my control.” (Anna Konjetzky)